Types of Air Conditioner Coils and How They Work

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Coils of air conditioners play a major role in the process of cooling. This is exactly why you should keep the coils clean and in proper working condition. Apart from regular DIY cleaning, you should occasionally call a professional aircon servicing provider to check for any defects in the coils. As part your preparation for maintenance, you should know about the types of coils, service pricing and how they work.

Difference between Evaporator and Condenser Coils

An air conditioner contains mainly two types of coils – the evaporator and the condenser coil. Both types work with the same purpose of dissipating heat but from different areas. The evaporator coil in the indoor unit extracts heat from the air inside your rooms, while the condenser coil in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner dissipates heat away from your house to the outdoors. Apart from extracting heat from the indoor air, the evaporator coil lowers humidity levels inside your room, which further helps expedite the process of cooling. On the other hand, the condenser coil along with a fan motor and control valves helps dump heat outside of your house. Together, the evaporator coils and the condenser coils aid in the cooling process and make the indoor environment cool and comfortable.

How the Coils Help in the Cooling Process

An air conditioner is a closed system containing loops through which the coolant or refrigerant flows continually to help remove heat away from your home. With temperature fluctuations, the refrigerant transforms from the state of gas to liquid and vice versa and circulates through the loops between the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. Now let’s take at the steps through which the two coils help cool down the indoor environment your home or office.

  • Step One – As the indoor unit of your air conditioner draws in warm air from the inside of your house, the gaseous coolant passing through the evaporator coil soaks up the heat and thus helps cool down the air and condense it into the liquid form, which later flows through the drain channels out of the system.
  • Step Two – The coolant flows through the closed loops from the evaporator coil to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. As the gaseous coolant enters the aircon compressor, it is compressed and made into a hot liquid by the time it reaches the condenser coil.
  • Step Three – The fan motors in the condenser unit helps dissipate the heat through aluminium fins in the condenser coil. Then the liquid coolant flows back to the evaporator and the process continues.
    Simply put, the two coils inside an air conditioner play a vital role in the process of cooling the indoor environment. This works like a cycle in which the heat is transferred from the inside of your rooms to the outdoors, helping you enjoy a cool and comfortable environment inside your home.

It is always a good idea to get the coils of your air conditioner checked and serviced by an experienced aircon service company every few months. This will help avoid many common air conditioner problems.

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