Why Visit the Science Centre Singapore?

What is there to witness at the Science Centre Singapore? First, before making any judgment about this place, it has been around for about 37 years. Not all people are keen on visiting Science Centres when you compare them with your favorite idols or music group coming in and doing some show. However, the Science Centre gives you a different kind of experience that you only get to dream of if, for example, you were inside the operating room witnessing someone else’s innards being taken out from the stomach. But if you have to consider reality, you are only allowed inside if you are related to the patient, or you are one of those performing inside.

Experience being inside the human body.

Just as you were introduced about witnessing the inside of a stomach, the Science Centre every curious being of what it feels like being inside the human body. Just relax, though, as you won’t be transmuted into a small being and injected into a true human body’s bloodstream. You get to see a larger-than-life human anatomy exhibition and go through inside it. You get to see the organs, the muscles, and many other body systems. You get to know your own body through this model. Not only the children will get to enjoy the human body up close, the adults – especially the most curious ones – get to see what their body looks like.

Just keep in mind that the exit is located at the human body’s anus.

science center

Find out about the changing climate of the Earth

There is one exhibition in the Science Centre that tells you about the ever-changing climate of the Earth. First, the exhibit tells the visitors about the climate of Singapore and various ways of reducing the environmental impact to it.

Besides its interactive screen games like their Cloud Maker, where you get to make your cloud, you also get to experience their Sunshine Recorder. This measures the sunlight duration shone during your birthday. If you ever visit this place, try finding out the sunlight duration during your birthday!

Scientific theories that you will never learn at school.

There are over five science shows that takes place in the Science Centre on a daily basis. As you visit this place, your day is already packed with various programmes that you will look forward to witnessing, and you will truly enjoy it with your kids.

One of the ten programmes and shows in this place that you will find interesting is their Fire Tornado Show. The reason? You get to see how an actual fire tornado behaves at the closest distance possible. You need not worry though as the magic happens in an enclosed glass chamber. Still, you will feel the heat emanating from the glass.

Is that everything that you’ll experience in the Science Centre in Singapore? You will witness more such as live animals where you get to observe their behaviors real close, a center for children where they get to play till their heart’s content and so much more.

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