Want Something Wildly Extra Special? It’s a Night Safari in Singapore!

At least most people living in the city want to experience what it is like to see live wild animals up close. And the only place that they can think that they can do this is either at the local zoo or for an extra adventure – a safari in South Africa. However, what do you think your experience will be when you see these wild animals during night time? Zoos mostly close at night. You won’t be able to look at the animals there because they are being kept in a different room where they are going to rest. But if you were to make your way to Night Safari, Singapore, you will have a different experience as you get to see all these wild animals roaming freely at night. Here is some advice from us.

When dusk sets in at the Night Safari, the first wildlife park that opens at night comes to life. One of the programs of this place is called the “Evening in the Wild” wherein you get to enjoy exclusive views of the Seletar Reservoir while you also enjoy eating your dinner at the first tipi tent here right at the center of the rainforest’s tranquillity. You get to discover various mysteries that are waiting for your discover at night, right only at Night Safari. You also get to witness its thousands of residents at the park, too.

First, you get to witness the Ankole cattle right at the Ankole Terrace. They are grazing there right in front of you, which makes you forget all the worldly cares you had before arriving at this place.

Your journey goes further where you embark on your exclusive tram ride which will guide you through the whole night safari. This is the home of some of the most captivating animals of the world.night safari

You also get to witness a secret lakeside campsite that is glittering from the fairy lights that floods the whole area. You will come to meet their most exotic animals as they warmly welcome you into the wild at night.

The very first tipi tent in Singapore will be one of your greatest moments that you will cherish. You will be pampered by the hosts and even indulge in their gourmet 3-course dinner with free-flow wine and a dessert.


The finale of your journey will be at the end of the safari journey. It will be where you get to see most of their iconic animals that are waiting for you to discover them. You get to end your evening with something not everyone can ever experience. You get specially reserved seats at their animal extravaganza, wherein they have the program called “Creatures of the Night Show.”

So how different is the Night Safari in Singapore compared to any other established safaris in the world? It is not only about enjoying a sight of the most exotic and fascinating animals of the world – you get to experience something that just scientists get to do – up close and personal with the wild animals at night.

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