Hot and Humid Weather in Singapore and How to Live Comfortable With It

Singapore is a top country in Asia largely because of the development it has experienced in the past couple of decades. The progress can be attributed mainly to their hard-working government and their people.

There are not many downsides to living in Singapore aside from its hot and humid weather. This is largely because the country is found near the equator which means it falls under a tropical climate. The sun shines all year round which can get hot especially during the summer time.

Tourists also complain about the humidity as well. This is due to the city being close to the ocean where the heat and the wind will bring in water either through the breeze or rainfall. It rains constantly in the city because of the high temperatures and being near a huge water source.

Typically, the city experiences monsoons which is a period of heavy rainfall. We know from science classes that humidity is caused by rising pressure which is a sign of rain. This can be expected since previously the city was a large swampy area before the development and construction boom started.

Aside from its geographic situation, Singapore is already a highly-urbanized city where there are a lot of concrete structures. It contributes to the real feel of heat especially at the city center since it keeps and diffuses heat.
Residents of the country are used to the hot and humid weather of Singapore. They have come up with a lot of simple, others ingenious, ways to fight the heat either with technology or just simple common sense.

Summer Wear

The identifying characteristics of summer fashion is the thin and loose clothing worn during sunny days. Fabrics used for these types of clothing are usually cotton or linen which allows air to breeze through and the hot air to go out quickly.

Body heat can be a problem when trapped under thick clothing with the heat in the city. Breathable summer clothing will be perfect to wear in Singapore and you get the vacationer look whether you’re a local or an actual tourist.

Live High

This doesn’t mean that you need to live in the penthouse of an expensive condominium. But, if you’re a person who can’t handle hot and humid weather too well, it would be best to live at the top part of the apartment building or flat.

There is a better chance that your place will be situated high enough where no surrounding structures will trap heat. The wind also blows through more freely so when you open your window you can let the breeze come through to cool the room.


A cool home is a well-ventilated home. You can do this by constructing a home that will allow air to move freely in and out of your home. Getting a big fan and exhaust fans to help circulate air in and out of your house is also a good option.

If you are even more particular in the location of your home, you can choose the place where the north and south breeze hits. This will bring cool breeze for several months due to the north and south monsoon that hits Singapore yearly.


In Singapore’s commercial centers, you see a lot of big shopping malls where you can spend your time to avoid the heat. These malls have stores for leisure and recreation to help you relax. You can even work here. And the best of all it has large air-conditioners that cool the inside to comfortable temperatures.

Purchase your own air-conditioner for your home to get the same level of comfort in your rooms. We advise installing an inverter aircon and servicing your aircon regulary to efficiently cool the room. It is also known to save you in energy bills compared to other air-conditioning systems.

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