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Why Does Your Aircon Need A Chemical Overhaul?

In Singapore’s humid climate, your air conditioner works hard. It cools your home, but also collects dust and dirt. Over time, this affects its performance. That’s where a chemical overhaul comes in.

Think of it as a deep clean for your aircon unit — beyond the surface. This isn’t just regular cleaning; it’s a detailed service that ensures every part of your aircon is working well.

Your air conditioning system has many parts like filters, fan coil units, and evaporator coils. These parts can clog or wear out without you noticing… until your unit starts leaking water or making noise.

A chemical overhaul cleans these components thoroughly with special chemicals.

Doesn’t matter if you use your unit daily or occasionally; experts recommend servicing it regularly to keep it running smoothly. Billy Aircon specialises in such services ensuring that homes and offices stay cool and comfortable all year round.

Ready to learn why your air conditioner needs this level of care? Keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • A chemical overhaul deeply cleans and repairs your aircon, making it run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Signs like reduced cooling power, strange noises, bad smells, higher energy bills, and leaks mean your aircon might need a chemical overhaul.
  • Compared to a simple wash, a chemical overhaul involves taking the unit apart for thorough cleaning and possible part replacement.
  • Regular maintenance after an overhaul extends your aircon’s life. It includes cleaning filters monthly and checking the system every three to six months.
  • Choosing a reputable service provider like Billy Aircon ensures skilled care for your unit with experienced technicians offering quality service.

Understanding Chemical Overhaul

A chemically cleaned air conditioning unit in a well-lit room.

A chemical overhaul does more than just clean your aircon. It takes apart your cooling system to clean and fix each part inside. This is not like a quick dust-off or a standard wash.

Think of it as taking your car for a deep service rather than just an outside wash. Your aircon gets taken apart, piece by piece. Experts from Billy Aircon, with years of experience, meticulously inspect everything from fan bearings to condenser coils.

After dismantling, they clean every component with special chemicals that remove dirt you can’t even see. They also lubricate moving parts to make sure they run smoothly again. Then, they put everything back together and check if the air conditioning system works perfectly—from thermostat controls to heat exchange processes—ensuring cool, pure air flows in your Singapore home or office without any hitch.

Signs Your Aircon Needs a Chemical Overhaul

Your aircon works hard to keep you cool. But sometimes, it struggles and shows signs it needs a deep clean, known as a chemical overhaul. Here’s what to watch for:

First off, if your aircon can’t chill like before, it’s a red flag. Cooling power drops because dirt blocks parts inside.

Next, listen for odd sounds. These noises come from objects trapped inside or parts that need fixing.

Smells are another telltale sign. Foul odors mean mold or mildew is growing inside your unit.

An increase in energy bills also hints at trouble. When your aircon fights to cool down rooms, it uses more power.

Lastly, water leaks are a serious indicator. They show that something’s not right inside the system.

Billy Aircon has seen these signs many times in homes across Singapore. Our team knows exactly how to fix them with a chemical overhaul. This deep clean makes your aircon work like new again.

Benefits of Chemical Overhaul

A chemically cleaned air conditioning unit in a well-lit room.

A chemical overhaul makes your aircon work better and use less power. This means you save money on energy bills. Your air gets cleaner, too. With Billy Aircon doing the job, expect your machine to run smoothly for longer without needing fixes often.

This deep clean also keeps your aircon from breaking down, saving you more cash in the long run. You will enjoy cooler air faster and feel comfortable in your space. Trust Billy Aircon’s 25 years of experience to extend your unit’s life with skillful service.

Chemical Wash vs. Chemical Overhaul

Deciding between chemical wash and overhaul for your aircon? Here’s the breakdown. Both serve to maintain, but they fit different needs.

AspectChemical WashChemical Overhaul
ScopeLess invasive, targets surface dirt on internal parts.Comprehensive, includes in-depth inspection and potential part replacement.
ProcessComponent parts are given a non-intensive clean, often without full dismantling.Complete disassembly for thorough cleaning, checking, and fixing.
OutcomeImproves efficiency, removes mild dirt and grime.Restores performance, fixes deeper issues.
CostLower, due to less labour and time required.Higher, reflects extensive labour and possible part replacements.
SituationsSuitable for units with minor issues or for regular maintenance.Recommended for systems showing signs of significant wear or malfunction.

In short, opt for a chemical wash for routine upkeep. Choose a chemical overhaul when your system needs more serious attention. Billy Aircon, with its team of seasoned experts, offers both services, ensuring your unit runs smoothly, efficiently, and reliably.

The Process of Chemical Overhaul

The process of a chemical overhaul for your aircon ensures it works well and lasts longer. Billy Aircon follows a detailed method to get this done.

  1. Technicians take apart your air conditioner to reach every part. They need to see everything to clean it right.
  2. They use special chemicals to wash the air filters, removing all the dirt that stops your air from being fresh.
  3. The fan bearings get lubrication to make sure your unit runs quietly, without any annoying sounds.
  4. A chemical clean for the drainage system helps prevent water leaks that can damage your home or office.
  5. Experts examine each component carefully. If they spot any issues, some parts might just need cleaning while others may need a full replacement to ensure optimum performance.
  6. After washing and fixing everything, technicians put the air conditioner back together.
  7. They test the unit thoroughly to guarantee it works perfectly. This step is vital to make sure you enjoy improved indoor air quality and your system operates at its best.

Billy Aircon makes sure this whole process is smooth and trouble-free, giving you an aircon that feels like new again.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

A tidy aircon chemical overhaul service van parked at a residential building.

Picking a good service for your aircon chemical overhaul needs care. Look for providers with strong reputation and experience, like Billy Aircon. They started in 2003 and have grown a team of 26 skilled technicians.

Each member brings over three years of experience to the table. This fact assures you they know what they’re doing.

Ask about their past jobs and customer feedback. Ensure they offer detailed quotes so you can avoid hidden costs later on. A trustworthy provider will explain the entire process, ensuring you understand what you’re paying for.

With Billy Aircon, fast response within 24 hours and ready help for emergencies make them stand out as the right choice for your aircon servicing needs.

Maintenance After a Chemical Overhaul

After your aircon goes through a chemical overhaul, keeping it in top shape is key. Billy Aircon suggests simple steps to make sure your aircon stays efficient and its lifespan gets longer.

  1. Schedule regular check-ups: Every three to six months, get a professional to look at your aircon. They can catch any issues early.
  2. Clean filters monthly: Dust and dirt clog up filters fast. Clean them every month to keep air flow smooth and clean.
  3. Keep outdoor units clear: Make sure the area around your outdoor unit stays free from leaves and debris. This helps air flow and prevents damage.
  4. Monitor for leaks: Watch out for water leaks or strange noises from your unit. These could mean there’s a problem.
  5. Use your aircon wisely: Don’t turn it too low or leave it on all day. Using it smartly saves energy and keeps the system running well.
  6. Check coolant levels: Low coolant means your aircon can’t cool properly. Have experts, like those from Billy Aircon, check this during their visits.

By following these steps, you help ensure that your air conditioner keeps running smoothly after its chemical overhaul, avoiding frequent major repairs or overhauls down the line.

Conclusion: The Importance of Regular Aircon Maintenance

Your aircon works hard to keep you cool, especially in Singapore’s heat. Over time, dust and dirt can build up. This makes it less efficient. Regular maintenance is key. A chemical overhaul cleans deeply, ensuring your unit runs well and uses less power.

Billy Aircon offers experienced service for this complex job. With proper care, your air conditioner will work better for longer. So, don’t wait until problems arise. Schedule regular check-ups and overhauls to keep your cooling system in top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s a chemical overhaul for aircons?

It’s a deep clean… removes all the gunk, ensuring your air conditioning unit runs smoothly. Think of it as a spa day for your aircon.

2. Why does my air conditioner need one?

Over time, dust and dirt build up inside your unit—blocking airflow, reducing efficiency. A chemical wash clears this out… improves performance, saves energy.

3. How often should I do it?

Not too often! Once every year or two is enough to keep things running without hiccups. It’s part of routine maintenance—keeps your system in top shape.

4. Will it make my aircon last longer?

Absolutely! Regular upkeep, including a jetstyle aircon chemical overhaul, prevents major breakdowns… extends the life of your air-conditioning system significantly.