What Will You Find at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore?

The Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, is a one-of-a-kind park that is filled with colorful designs – which is kind of futuristic park that is situated in the bay area. This place is famous for its Supertree structures that provide an amazing skywalk right over its gardens. You will also find greenhouses in a shape of seashells wherein it recreates the chilly climates of the mountains, plus hundreds of plants and trees waiting to be discovered by you. This destination is popular with both the adults and the kids from billyaircon.com.sg.

If you want to take a look at the whole Gardens by the Bay, you need to make your way straight to the top of the Marina Bay Sands, which is the right opposite of the park. This space covers 250 acres of land reclaimed right at the waterfront. Getting to this place is quite easy. Either you go through the walkways coming in from the hotel, which will give you an elevated perspective of the gardens. The other is by taking the longer riverside promenade wherein you enter the park near its two domes. You won’t be charged a single cent if you want to walk around the park, but if you desire to get inside the conservatories that are climate-controlled or walk through some of those amazing Supertrees, you need to pay a fee. Its main park area is active between 9 am to 9 pm.gardens by the bay

The other places that you’ll find here are the following:

  • Flower Dome – this place emulates the cool-dry climate of the regions of Mediterranean and even houses a collection of various plants coming from the deserts all over the world.
  • Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes – this place here is filled with beautiful lakes. This is a rich source for aquatic life and also takes on the role as the eco-filter to cleanse the water being pumped incoming from the reservoir of the Marina.
  • Far East Organization Children’s Garden – this garden encompasses one hectare that is designed for kids to enjoy themselves. In here, you will find a 7.5-meter tall tree house and water tunnels that are interactive.
  • Supertrees – this is what most visitors of this place would talk about whenever Gardens by the Bay is mentioned. These are man-made trees that stand up to 16 stories high. You can find the Supertrees all over the gardens, wherein you will see 12 of them at the Supertree Grove.
  • Cloud Forest – this mountain measures 53 meters tall wherein it showcases various plant life coming from different tropical highlands, which is 2,000 above sea level.
  • Heritage Gardens – if you want to know the history of Singapore, you can find it here but the one that will tell you the story is the plants themselves.
  • Bay East Garden – this is the world filled with serenity by the bay east right by the waterfront.
  • OCBC Skyway – if you want to take a scenic walk like 22 meters from the ground, this is where you should go.

There are more attractions to see in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. You might want to spend a great deal of time in this place if you want to immerse into it truly.


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