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Why Use Chemical Cleaning Solution?

Give your unit the care it needs. A chemical wash is required when your aircon is failing to reach the desired temperature or has suddenly increased its energy consumption. A clean may also be needed when the turning the aircon on is accompanied by a small ‘poof’ noise.

With a chemical wash, we will dismantle your system and give it a thorough overhaul. Afterwards, air flow will be smoother, the fan coils and fins will be clean of algae that have accumulated over time, and the amount of condensation will be reduced. All these are signs that the unit requires a deeper wash.

A cleaner machine is a more efficient machine, requiring less power to reach the desired temperature. This means the unit draws less power, meaning you pay less in utility bills. Breathe better, sleep better and save on power with help from Billy Aircon.

What is involved in an aircon chemical wash?

This processed uses a number of chemical-based cleaners to recondition and restore the unit to a cleaner, more efficient state.

Maybe you’ve gone a few years without problems, and as such have neglected scheduled maintenance. This scenario is all too common, and results in a build-up of oil, dust and dirt in various parts of the system.

Our technicians will dismantle the unit’s fan coil and electronic control, and all parts carefully cleaned using a specially formulated sanitising mixture, leaving the unit free of dirt and looking and functioning like new.

Aircon Chemical Wash Price

Type of CleaningBest Rate
1 Unit Non Dismantle Chemical Wash
  • Dismantle partial parts during the cleaning process.
$80 to $100
1 Unit Full Dismantle Chemical Wash
  • Dismantle the unit’s fan coil and electronic control, and all parts carefully during the cleaning process.
$130 to $180
Apply to All:
  • Use several chemical-based cleaners to remove dust, oil and dirt in various parts.
  • Use special formulated sanitising mixture.
  • Extra charges may apply to CBD area.
  • Promotional price is only applicable to condominium and HDB apartment. There might be additional charges for landed residences and office areas.
  • * Multiple Unit's Prices Apply to Single House Only. It CANNOT Be Shared With Multiple Locations.

Gas Top Up Rate

Type of GasBest Rate
R22 GAS$40 to $80
R410 GAS$60 to $120

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